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Zero Energy Networks Lab (ZEN Lab)

Welcome to ZENLab

Zero Energy Networks (ZEN) Laboratory is housed in the Department of Electronics Systems Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. We, at ZEN Lab, share concern and research with the global research community towards visualizing a self-powered world of electronics. To achieve this, we work on harvesting usable power from various ambient (Radio Frequency), renewable sources (solar, wind, etc) and mechanical processes (human switch press, rotational movement). We make use of the harvested energy in various self-powered reliable and secure wireless-networked embedded systems, designed and developed for a plethora of indoor and outdoor applications – Smart Buildings, Health-care, Agriculture, Intelligent Transport, Industrial Automation, Cognitive Jewel and Security Surveillance. We also strive at developing energy harvesting chips that suit our requirements. In order to make our systems smarter, we also employ data analytics.

Thus, revolving around energy harvesting as the core domain, research in ZEN Lab encompasses other areas as: Communication and Networking, Embedded Systems, Data Analytics and Analog/RF Mixed Signal Design.

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