About DESE

“From Theory to Implementation”


VISION : Achieve excellence in research and education in electronics systems engineering, with positive societal impact.

MISSION : – To make outstanding research and design contributions recognized by peers and used by the scientific community and society at large. – To make students experience all the stages and processes involved in conceptualizing, investigating, designing and implementing electronic systems

BRIEF HISTORY : In 1974,Centre for Electronics Design and Technology (CEDT) was started with support from the DoE, UGC and the Swiss Development Cooperation. The mandates were: (i) To develop design methodologies and tools for the fabrication of electronic equipment, (ii) To train engineers for and foster collaboration with the nascent electronics industry in the country.

During the years 1974-1997 CEDT received funds from the Department of Electronics (DoE) and Swiss Development Co-operation (SDC) besides the regular support received from the Indian Institute of Science. The generous support provided by the DoE, especially during the Seventh Plan period, enabled the Centre to move into its own building, and explore many avenues and establish a good postgraduate degree programme to train engineers as designers of electronic equipment. Swiss funding enabled many of the faculty of CEDT to work in several industries and R and D laboratories of Switzerland, to benefit from several short and long-term Swiss experts, and to ensure smooth functioning of the Centre. CEDT established an excellent contact with the electronic industries after the structural changes that took place in the Indian Industry during the 90s.

CEDT started its postgraduate Diploma programme in Electronics Design and Technology in 1975. Initially this programme was made available exclusively to engineers sponsored by industries and R&D Institutions. In 1984, the programme was opened to non-sponsored students. The postgraduate Diploma Programme was replaced by an M. Tech. in Electronic Design and Technology in 1987. Research programmes leading to MSc (Engg) and Ph.D. were introduced in 1992. External registration for research programmes was introduced in 1995. ME in Microelectronics was introduced in 1997 as a joint programme between CEDT and Electrical Communication Engineering department.

The centre by then had become a complete department within the division of Electrical Sciences of the Indian Institute of Science. In January 2012, CEDT was renamed as Department of Electronic Systems Engineering. This new name that includes the key word “system” resonates very well with the approach that has been followed in the department down the years, viz., the approach of building prototypes that take into account a multitude of practical issues, including industrial design and product engineering, ergonomics, system-level packaging and thermal design. In essence this captures the core competence of the department, and reflects accurately the spirit of activities in the department.