Biomaterials for bone tissue engineering applications


Biomaterials, recognized as a new class of materials in the Materials Science community, are being developed in last few decades for human health care. The design and development of biomaterials requires the integration of the concepts and expertise from two widely different disciplines, i.e. Materials Science & Engineering and Biological Science. The importance of the field of biomaterials is increasingly being noticed in the Materials community with the compulsory course on this subject is being taught at undergraduate and graduate level in most of the top universities around the world. In India, a compulsory course on biomaterials is being kept in the new course curriculum of undergraduate students in Department of Materials Science and Engineering at IIT Kanpur, while this instructor has taught a more elaborate course on biomaterials for the graduate students at IIT Kanpur and at IISc, Bangalore, over last one decade. This NPTEL course on “Biomaterials for Bone Tissue Engineering applications” will consist of several lectures on the basics of the cell biology and biomaterials science, followed by some case studies, illustrating various aspects of biomaterials development for orthopedic applications. The layout of this lecture series in terms of the succession of various concepts will primarily facilitate easier understanding for students and this important area of societal relevance in terms of human healthcare.
Bikramjit Basu
Materials Research Centre,
Indian Institute of Science (IISc),
Bangalore – 560012