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Position: Research Engineer

We are looking for 2 fantastic research engineers to work on a challenging project involving design, development and testing of 3kW chargers using GaN based devices. The project offers excellent opportunities for an all-round professional development of fresh PhD graduates or experienced M-Techs (min. 2-year), which will be a combination of what one experiences at leading industrial R&D centers and what one would experience in an academic group. The engineers will build a 3KW on board charger for one of the leading EV scooters using advance Gallium Nitride Devices from all four major players. The charger will be eventually converted into a full product, as per industry standards (meeting various JEDEC, IEC, Ather, EV standards) and will be integrated inside Ather’s EV scooter in Ather’s facility. These hires will have access to Ather’s EV facilities and testing of these chargers after integrating these EV scooters together with industry experts. Besides, they will have access to full product development in CDAC Trivandrum’s facility. They will also gain experience on full product development, which involves various product compliance testing and qualifications. The project is for 2 years, and these engineers will be paid on par of industry salaries. See more details below:


  • Design, fabrication and testing of a GaN-based 3kW 230V/50Hz AC to 48V charger for electric scooter application. The focus is to develop a high-power density solution by pushing the switching frequency beyond a few hundreds of kHz’s and still achieve high efficiency.
  • The challenging design will be approached through proper device selection, advanced layout design, selection of optimal topology (DAB, LLC etc.) and innovations in switching strategy (ZVS etc.).
  • An extensive study will be carried out with different commercially available GaN HEMTs from major suppliers like GaN Systems, Transphorm etc., featuring other device technologies and packages.
  • Optimal layouts will be done, Digital twins will be made, and finally, the performance in terms of loss, reliability etc., will be validated through experiment.
  • Further performance improvement will be achieved through advanced magnetics and thermal design innovations.
  • The work will also involve necessary embedded systems design for feedback control, protection debugging etc., on a suitable digital signal controller/MCU/FPGA platform.
  • Once the design is validated on a prototype, another agency in collaboration with IISc will do productization, and finally, it will be field-tested on an actual EV scooter.


Who: MTech in Power Electronics with a minimum of two years of experience in power converter hardware development is a must. An applicant with a PhD with relevant experience will be preferred. For PhD holders, a post-doctoral position can be offered.

Why: This focussed time-bound project will provide a 360-degree experience in next-generation power converter development. This experience will be precious for someone who wants to start a company or to look for a leadership position in technology development in the industry. It will also be an ideal launchpad for someone planning a PhD in this area. If you have a PhD, the position is comparable with a post-doctoral research fellow. The academic environment will provide ample opportunity for publication and filing of patents.


  • MATLAB/Simulink
  • Spice (LTSpice or PSPice)
  • Schematic, PCB layout, BOM creation in Orcad/ Altium
  • CAD design in SolidWorks
  • Firmware coding on a DSP (Embedded C)
  • Thermal design using Ansys/ SolidWorks
  • Busbar design using Ansys/ Maxwell
  • Magnetics design using Ansys/ Maxwell
  • Power Electronic converter design, fabrication, and testing

Salary: Comparable with the industry and much better than typical post-doctoral fellowships.

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