High Speed High Power Motor Drive for Industry Applications

Department of Electronics System Engineering (IISc, Bangalore) & IEEE IES/IAS students chapter organizing a talk on

Title: “High Speed High Power Motor Drive for Industry Applications”

Speaker: Prof. Kouki Matsuse

Time: 18 December 2017 (Monday) @ 3:00 pm

Venue: DESE Auditorium , IISc Bangalore


The talk focuses on technical challenges of adjustable speed AC motor drives which are high speed machines and operation, low- speed and high-accuracy sensor-less control, large capacity motor fed by multilevel inverter, ultra-small size motor, high response and torque accuracy, downsizing and efficiency, standardization, reliability, and EMC .etc. Some of the applications of high speed motor drives, and where the high speed electric machines (HSEM) are widely used such as, hand held drilling tool for dentists, vacuum cleaner, and super charging machine for traction application, and so on. Also there will be presentation on high speed electric machine drive technology and two examples of high speed high power drives for industry applications.

About Speaker:

Prof. Kouki Matsuse received the B.E., M.E., and Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering from Meiji University, Tokyo, Japan, in 1966, 1968, and 1971, respectively. In 1971, he joined the faculty of Meiji University as a Lecturer of Electrical Engineering. Since 1979, he has been a Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering.  He has been Professor Emeritus, Meiji University since 2014. In 1980, he was a Visiting Professor of electrical Engineering at Iowa State University of Science and Technology, Ames, USA, for five months. Since 1998, he has been invited to be a Guest Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering., Tsinghua University, China. He also works as a Consultant of Meidensha Co., Ltd, full time advisor of Hakujju Institute for Health Science Co., Ltd .and a Lecturer (part time), Graduate School of Engineering , Tokyo Denki University, Japan. He is also a Life Fellow, IEEE.

He has published 100 IEEE transaction class papers, 226 referred international full-conference papers, and is the holder of 17 patents including 4 U.S. patents and 2 EU patents. He contributed to publish many standards of Japan and IEC for power electronics as the chairman of the Japanese National Committee of IEC-TC22. He is author/coauthor of 16 books and coeditor of “Sensorless Control of AC Motor Drives” (Piscataway, NJ: IEEE Press, 1996).