Salient Features:

  • Padmapada* is a sensor based brace, which is used for correction of clubfoot (congenital deformity) in children with compliance monitoring feature and four degree of freedom for the movement of legs. * Patented technology
  • The brace consists of a pair of shoes each mounted at the extreme ends with a mechanism linking them to keep the insoles parallel to each other in all positions of the shoes, such that the legs are held in the required Dorsiflex position and avoiding any undesired movements like plantar-flexion and varus.
  • The design also provides for two different selectable angle option of the shoe with respect to equines.
  • The brace is constructed with aluminum alloy to reduce the overall weight of the brace while ensuring sufficient strength and rigidity, which gives the child the freedom to crawl without getting hurt and damaging the brace.
  • The shoe design has taken care of ergonomics of the Indian clubfoot children and they are embedded with sensors and electronic modules, powered by Lithium-ion coin cells.
  • The sensors monitor the compliance by sensing the presence of the foot and proper contact of the foot with the insole of the shoe.
  • The sensor data is acquired hourly and stored in a non-volatile memory, which can be accessed by the doctors and used for foot correction and research studies.



Dr. Vrisha Madhuri & Dr. Sanjay Chilbule of Christian Medical College, Vellore, Tamil Nadu and Prof. N.S.Dinesh, Mr. N.V. Chalapathi Rao & Mr. Pradyumna Kammaradi of Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

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